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Project of Planets is a Sci-Fi MMORPG that is currently in an OPEN BETA stage. It is set in a time where extensive nuclear fallout and assault by hostile alien forces has pushed the human race together almost to the brink of extinction. With the development of cybernetic enchancements, pilots are able to control mechanised armor to push back against the invaders and take back the land.

Introduction to Project of PlanetsEdit

Project of Planets is a new MMO set just after the year 2251. The surface of the Earth has become uninhabitable due to the ravages of both Thermonuclear War and the arrival of hostile forces from beyond the known regions of space. Despite the best efforts of mankind, the human race was forced to flee underground and live in concrete bases. At some point in the year 2251, research into new technology surrounding nervous systems gave way to a startling breakthrough - the Nerve Conduction Device. This allowed humans to operate vehicles as if they were an extension of their own body and to take the fight to the alien hordes who now live on the surface of the Earth.


In the 2009 MMOsite Reader's Choice Awards, PoP was awarded the following:

  • Best New MMOFPS - 5th Place
  • Most Anticipated New MMO - 6th Place

Latest activityEdit

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